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Gene Darkooo in the flesh.
D.O.B: 89


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When you think of West Philadelphia, the first thing that will most likely come

to your mind is “Will Smith” the fresh prince. Gene Darkooo is here to show 

and tell you about the trippy side of West Philadelhia. With a ambient, 

psychedelic/hiphop fell, Darkooo is sure to put you into a trance

Music has been in his blood since day one. His mother and father were trained in multiple instruments ranging from woodwinds, strings, and keys. So there was always sometype of music going on. The first musical piece done by Darkooo was in 2014. It was was proggresive electrico sounding instrumental. At first the musical goal was simply to create sounds that could alter a persons feelings but later it beacame a gateway of expression.

In 2011, Darkooo created a clothing line called Bombardment Co. This became a place where he could show the world what was going on threw his mind visually. Bombardment consist of edgy clothing and far out  digital art pieces. In order to capture the viewers eye in another light, Darkooo started to create trippy visuals. These would later be known to him as "Brainfucks" 

Gene Darkooo directs and edits

his visiuals with a psychedelic approach to give the viewer the feel of a mental 

LSD TRIP. So buckle up and enjoy the ride... 

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